Ahmadi’s Mini Studio-Apato

to be distinct is to be minimum.

Location: Jakarta

Architect: Russelin Edhyati

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Casa Sofia

Location: Pandega Duksina, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Architects: Eka Ramadhany, Niniek Febriany, Stephanus Theo

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On 2013, out of boredom Videshiiya Studio initiate a program to create a collaboration project with Dorx Lab, a design research collective in Yogyakarta.

This teaser show you The Kraken, a furniture designed by parametric design method based on the motion of people around specified space


Movie by Yugo Risfriwan Films

Dorx Lab: Zaqi Fathis, Adin Akbar, and Dhoni Yhudanto

Videshiiya Studio: Eka Ramadhany, Niniek Febriany, Stephanus Theo, Russelin Edhyati, and Reza Primardiantono

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Mini Library Station by PERTAMINA

Location: Rumah Sakit Tentara dr. Hardjanto, Balikpapan

Architects: Stephanus Theo, Eka Ramadhany, Niniek Febriany

Construction contractor: Dies Mangawing

Furniture contractor: Upashkara

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Bending geometry and exposed bricks!

Studio Paviliun dan Kamar Sewa Wira Pamungkas, Balikpapan, East Borneo

Architects: Niniek Febriany, Eka Ramadhany, Stephanus Theo

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Luxurious Healthy Time on Vancouver Salon and Spa.

Komplek Vancouver, Balikpapan, East Borneo

Architects: Niniek Febriany, Stephanus Theo, Eka Ramadhany, with additional assistance from Rendy Mandala Putra and Muhammad Fadlil.

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a Renovation project, Rumah Adit. Cinere, Depok, West Java

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A new proposal, Adnand’s Coffee Shop. Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur

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Discovering a new concept of living in a suburban housing complex. 

Green Paradise Housing Complex, Gedongkuning, Yogyakarta.

Architects: Niniek Febriany, Eka Ramadhany, Stephanus Theo

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Re-imagining the Natural Context, This is…The New Geography!

Proudly, designing Harapan Bangsa High School, Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur

Architects: Niniek Febriany, Eka Ramadhany, Stephanus Theo

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Tumpeng #4 Paper Stalactite (Remaking Wendy Plomp’s Paper Cave), we made this for Cankrama koffie, low budget projects, but still give attraction, no originalities and we don’t care as long as it is ugly and scare people with rainbow and sparkles, please understand the paradox, we’re housing bugs and dust mites here.


Videshiiya Studio, pinamoosh, Cankrama, Alam&Nea, Fauzi Yulfitra, Darkula, Dhebby, Avian Taufan, Nana, Prasti, Fahmi

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Tumpeng #3 Organic is Grotesque, manipulate the light using marginalized material (paper tube of toilet paper), this installation is flexible because it only use paper clips for its construction.

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Tumpeng #1 Candi, put your head into the candi, you will see options of perspective, and people will see you as light.


Videshiiya Studio and Ultraman (Dian Suci Rahmawati)

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prolog(ic) = tumpeng

Since October 2012, Videshiiya Studio has been working on series of installation projects, these installations are completely vague, simply unfinished, and merely grotesque, they don’t have much of a meaning but seems meaningful at the same time!.

Art is a proof of faith, doesn’t have to be understand, doesn’t have to be approved, but must architecturally trigger people to activate the space (because people give meaning to the occupied space, the space itself is not god, it can not give meaning to itself, it cannot create itself, it doesn’t have any meaning…not yet.).

Tumpeng #1 candi, designed to communicate and connects people with light, anybody can perceive the threshold and different views from each holes analogically, the transformation of way of thinking.

Tumpeng #3 organic is grotesque, designed to manipulate your light into hollow matters, it is also made of paper tube inside your everyday toilet paper, a proof that art can use simple things, even if it is a waste (the material itself connote something dirty, let’s call it marginalized material))

Tumpeng #4 paper stalactite, is only remaking Wendy Plomp’s Paper Cave with our friends(but)enemy from pinamoosh.com it is not original, but hey!, nothing is original. These days people doesn’t get intouch with nature anymore, so we bring the re-interpretation of nature to you!


Sejak Oktober 2012, Videshiiya Studio rajin membuat serial proyek instalasi. Instalasi ini sendiri wagu, sederhana, terlihat belum selesai, dan buruk rupa. Instalasi yang tidak begitu bermakna, tapi disaat yang bersamaan, nampak bermakna!.

Seni sendiri adalah bukti dari iman, tidak perlu dimengerti, tidak memerlukan persetujuan, tetapi secara arsitektur harusnya memicu orang untuk mengaktifkan ruang (karena manusialah yang memberikan arti bagi ruang yang dihabitasi-nya, ruang itu sendiri bukanlah tu(h)an, ia tidak mampu memberikan arti bagi dirinya sendiri, tidak juga dapat menciptakan dirinya sendiri, ia tidak memiliki arti…belum)

Tumpeng #1 candi, didesain untuk menghubungkan antara manusia dan cahaya. siapapun yang masuk ke dalam instalasi ini merasakan view yang berbeda dari setiap lubang, secara analogi, transformasi dari “cara berpikir”

Tumpeng #3 organic is grotesque, didesain untuk memanipulasi cahaya, menjadikannya benda-benda kosong (bayangan), dibuat dari paper tube dari toilet paper, membuktikan kalau seni dapat terjadi lewat hal-hal yang sederhana, bahkan dari sesuatu yang terbuang.

Tumpeng #4 paper stalactite, hanyalah membuat ulang paper cave milik Wendy Plomp bersama pinamoosh.com, bukanlah sesuatu yang original, karena memang tidak ada lagi yang original saat ini. Kenapa kami membuat ini?, manusia jarang berinteraksi dengan alamnya, karena itu kami membawa re-interpretasi alam kepada anda!

more to come…

check our website regularly, and also visit our media partner pinamoosh

regards and enjoy!

videshiiya studio


Dhebby, Ultraman (Dian Suci Rahmawati is our partner for tumpeng #1), Darkula, Fauzi Yulfitra, Cankrama, Alam&Nea, Prasti, Avian Taufan, dan Nana, untuk yang tidak pernah membantu sama sekali, kalian payah, dan menyebalkan. amin.

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Last February, Videshiiya Studio designed layout of semi permanent gallery for MINIMASIX; somekind of medium party-event for artists and designers of Balikpapan

The program for the design is:

1. Gallery for Art Projects and Art Installation

2. Space to accomodate workshops

3. Space for video installation.

We designed zig zag pattern for this gallery layout to create maximum display and “join point” on a curvilinear plan geometry. With this pattern, we create segmentations for each paintings(art projects) but at the same time gave point of interest for the space inside the gallery.

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