Bakalan Volcanic Park Yogyakarta

  • Videshiiya

Cangkringan, Sleman

  • 12.609 Sqm




  • Russelin Edhyati
  • Paramitta Sekartaji
  • Ardianti Savitri Anggiasari
  • Palupi Pinastika
  • Annisa Nastiti

Bakalan used to be a small village in Cangkringan only 12 km from Merapi, but since the event of Merapi Eruption in 2010, the 1,2 Ha area was deserted then bought by the government, whom desired the area to be developed as a new tourist attraction and learning station, focusing on geo-cultural diversity, social development through empowerment of local people.

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The design featured transformation of landscape through preservation of ruins and path management, exposing the damaged caused by the eruption and local geological potential by directing the path of ramps from the ground-above ground-under ground, as if transforming every people who experience the site as part of geological plate and how it feels to be one.

The program of the Volcanic Park consist of restaurant/cafe & shop and series of ramp surrounding the old damaged houses. The design also feature collaboration between local people and landscape development as the object of attraction such as monuments and ruins is developed by the people who used to live there.

Using the ramp, visitors will enjoy the whole park while observing the damaged houses (now ruins) from various height and point of view. Near the end of the journey, the series of ramp will go under the ground, exposing our geological treasures, positioned the visitors and earth as one being before at last emerging from the ground, transformed as new being.