Edinnu 2.0 | Co-habiting Heterospecies Dream

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Ubiquitous - Above Road Intersection

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  • Stephanus Theodorus Suhendra
  • Gilang Rizki Fauzi Putra

World we’re living now.
Our ancestor initiated their first exploration by jump down from the tree and started their land expedition. Centuries later, Human’s most genius has built their civilaztion and succesfully becomes the most dominant species on earth.
the downside for our civilization lays on how it was built. Our inability to communicate between species lures down the idea of anthropocentricism, where everything is built by and for humans only.
This inability of communication is the roots of our 21st century technology and information and the city, instead of innovating and developing how interpecies communication can work, we’re more interested in developing communication with outer space being than building communication with another species around us.
The idea of building collaborative city is obsolete, while the roots of our communication stays the same. Until we get rid of some sensible amounts of anthopocentricism, only then could we built a city inclusive for all, including other species.

Chosen Site: Pedestrian Crossing
Playing with crossings. The road is part of forgotten public space as we know it, we have replaced the road which used to be the place of interaction between man and its surroundings to honks of motorized vehicles and series of traffic signs. The utilitarian has dissolved the function of road as public space into mere engines for economic development.
The only artifact left from the road that reminds us to the public function of the road is the pedestrian sides and the crossing, which both equally served as the public dominion over motorized vehicles.
The road accomodates people with different speed, while some can move super fast using motorized vehicle, the pedestrian mode at relatively slower speed, this has of course guaranteed the wall of communication between road user. Crossing is the only part of the road where motorized vehicles slows down to stop while the pedestrian move at relatively low speed. Pedestrian Crossing is the only part of the road where at some period of time both motorized vehicle and pedestrian cross path.


Heterospecies Dream >< Heterospecies Crossing
In modern era, division between man and nature becomes very clear, moreover when any species other than human being called nature and when this so called nature becomes mere resources for modern living, our kind of living.
The micro animal shelter is an effort to narrow the communication gap between species, the goal is to get into world of play together as a fellow earth dwellers.
The shelter will accomodate mammals, insects, birds, and reptiles endemic to japan’s environment.
The program will start from only providing micro habitat for the animals to come and live at the shelter, later the shelters will be stretched, developed, added to becomes part of the building nearby, and when the time is right, the shelter and all the animals within will become part of our city and our everyday life.