Muara Creative Market | Discussing Dreams

  • Videshiiya


  • 2.240 Sqm




  • Niniek Febriany
  • Russelin Edhyati

Muara Creative Market is one of the place where many creative scene gather and interact.
This proposal wanted to develop Muara’s potential to be the place of discussion, a place where dreams are one step away from realization.



Muara’s location is potentially strategic, approximately, it’s only 750 m away from nearest train station (Stasiun Solo Balapan) and surrounded by many education facilities, cultural and workday amenities. at this point, it has becomes very clear that Muara can be a great gathering and Surakarta alternative cultural center.

tinj. meso

tinj. meso2

To discuss dreams and spreading the virus of creativity, Muara has to be able to communicate its setting and ambition to the crowd, especially those surrounding the area.
That define our strategy; we would like to create and define connection and interaction between Muara-Pasar Legi, with its surrounding.

We come up with three different development schemes which can be done gradually. They are:
1. Optimization of existing space
2. Enhancement
3. Creating the In Between


alt 0

Optimization scheme of the existing offers the flexibility of space by creating modular boxes. These modular boxes can be arranged by generating a series of combinations suitable for occasions such as movie screening, art performances, outdoor exhibitions, bazaar, or any kind of workshops. Only with little intervention within the existing, this scheme focus on frugality and flexibility of space


alt 1-a

alt 1-b

alt 1-c

alt 1-d

alt 1-e

alt 1-f

Enhancement improving the existing with more radical proposal by adding more levels and function within the building. Landscapes on the top offers creation of neo ecology where people able to interact with each other and the environment.

diag 4

diag 3 aktivitas

diag 2 aktivitas

diag 1 aktivitas

The In-Between is in the middle of them all. The scheme tried to create a new landscape without making a major intervention into the building and the innercourt. This way, Videshiiya keeps the budget at a minimum, reserving the innercourt for optimization and at the same time offers new landscape and novelty within the existing.