Ruma Pedesaan | Restoring Agriculture as Part of Borobudur Archi-tourism

  • Videshiiya

Candi Pawon - Borobudur

  • 36 Sqm - 54 Sqm




  • Russelin Edhyati

pedesaan/pe·de·sa·an/ n Residential area which greatly influenced but soil condition, climate, and water as requirements to actualize the system of agricultural living

Developing Agriculture, Provoking Tourism

The very reason for having a tourism visit is not only to be present at designated place but also to experience sets of complete and extensive journey or adventure.
It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.
In this sense the government has not yet support profound indigenous tourism with the right reason.

For example, when people go to Borobudur, they do not want to enjoy the magnificent building, not entirely, people also want to enjoy the path, any experience to get them from one place to another, the landscape, the activity of the local and everything happens around the area.
In our mind, Borobudur is a heritage building surrounded by forest and rice fields, it used to be, but not anymore. Isn’t it ridiculous?, developing a very specified tourists attraction without even considering bringing the history back and manifest it as part of present education then building a fake surounding instead.

What government do only limited to tourism alone without reflecting and considering other sectors capable of resurrecting the true presence of the attraction. This my friend, will only rises inequality through out other sectors as if the government too busy serving the guests by developing hospitality but forgetting the basic sector of agricultural and food distribution.

Tourism and Food Resilience

In the radius of 500 m to 1 km, 60% of Borobudur area are still occupied with buildings and 40% agricultural land. Assuming positive growth of population, within 40 years, we will lose all the agricultural land surrounding the area


This specific context brings us a respond through architectural thinking, manifested into this homestay. A homestay that will replace all the building land use and develop more space for agricultural purposes.

Local Material and Regional Identity

The Village surrounding Borobudur area is very well known to produce high quality river stone. The
volcanic cycle provides assurance of this material and this will ensure green building issue and save carbon footprint by using surrounding material. Other material should be bamboo, which will be used as building skeleton, replacing the function of steel reinforcement inside concrete column and beam as an answer to easy-to-build building and socio-cultural housing.