Salt.o | Leap of Faith Through Cultural Socio-Materia in Pulau Papagarang

  • Videshiiya

Pulau Papagarang - Labuan Bajo

  • 36 Sqm - 54 Sqm




  • Niniek Pebriany
  • Gilang Rizki

Geographically, Pulau Papagarang is part of Taman Nasional Komodo. Regardless their status and connection with Taman Nasional Komodo, The island doesn’t benefit from the tourism activity of their neighbor islands.

The island, which housed 1.200 people still suffered from drought, inaccessible clean water,
the people are jobless and as tourism occurs, becoming “garbage disposal“.

Papagarang then become a challenge for us, hoping that we can bring positivity and change
for this stepchild-island.
The island have no clean distilled water. The people of Papagarang should cross to Labuan Bajo
to access and buy clean water to drink and bathe. The island also have no proper access to
electricity, they use diesel machine to generate their own electricity.

Instead of designing a mere homestay, we choose to solve the problem first.


The design will include development of water distillation. This will seperate the water
from the salt. The water will be used for daily needs and the salt can be processed to become
bricks to produce more house. As addition, if the people produce more salt, then they can sell it, solving their
economical problem.


There are also plastic bottles carried by the and lie offshore will be collected and processed
to become windows or skylight parts of the building and windmills to produce their own electricity.