Stegophilia | 1 Are House Bali

  • Videshiiya

Panjer, Denpasar

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Proposal | Exhibition



  • Stephanus Theo
  • Reza Primardiantono

This Project is a submission for Indonesian Young Architect 1 Are House.
The project’s focus was to design a house for Bali Milenials – Productive Family

Stegophilia means the love of climbing buildings, The architecture itself represents both the productive family, its narcisistic tendency towards their relationship with nature and Bali by re-writing its natural environment and transform it into elements of the house.
This project also criticized the nature of Millennials paradox such as being civic minded but at the same time detached and apathy towards institutions, or spending time to travel but hard to keep themselves healthy.


The building is oriented to the west, that’s why it’s important to create another set of secondary skin to protect the occupants from the strong tropical west sunlight.
Such facade is not a priority for millennial’s budgetary condition, therefore, the facade should have more value, rather than just acting as a sun protection; it should also accommodate breeze of wind and some other purpose.
15,4% Indonesian suffer obesity, 23% of the world’s millennials are active smokers.
The facade will identify and signify this problem by transforming itself into a climb-able wall (indicated in white pole)


The design also tried to minimize brick walls to fit budgetary purposes and propose to build the facade first instead.
The building mass has already seperate between the owner’s wing and bed & breakfast wing which can be added on later development.


The land is designed to be as inclusive as possible, it will be able to act as a new kind of park, questioning status quo between public and private realm.
While Millenials characterized as civic minded and have strong sense of community, most of them still detached from institutions.
by opening the land inclusively and turn it into the public realm, push the occupants to interact more with their community and institution. It could house public meetings, turn the space into pos ronda
or even house an election station, bringing the millenials closer to community and accomodate millenial’s civic ability.


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