Memorial of The Future | The Will to Ignorance

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3D Artist
  • Dika Ardi Irawan
  • stephanus Theo
  • Niniek Febriany
  • Russelin Edhyati

And only on this now solid, granite foundation of ignorance could knowledge rise so far—the will to knowledge on the foundation of a far more powerful will: the will to ignorance, to the uncertain, to the untrue! Not as its opposite, but—as its refinement.


Learning from Washington, the place mostly characterised by monuments of memory. The so called memorial have flooded the city with meanings and attraction eventhough the placement of each and every memorials are mostly detached from their origins
Memorials have become something common and reduced to the state of photo background. People doesn’t live in the moment anymore, they appreciate memorials differently, moreover, memorials has become a mere flash, a point of meeting, not a place of remembrance. Sure people still be able to sense the spirit within and experience the space through its landscape and monument but it has nearly becoming a common ground, public space, not anymore a comemoration.
What is the future?, the future has always been portrayed by celebrating light, glass and steel material, and super organic geometry. If a memorial should be something futuristic, It has to be prophetic, it should be able to model the unimagined future or exposed its fragility. Abstract nature of time inscribed in the terms “future”, a word to describe coordinate system of time that may not be exist, constantly changing and not yet written. At the same time “future” exist in the present while the present can only hope for the future. So could future be the same of hope when we speak of it in the present time? Could it be just sets of dreams, a manipulating world inside our mind?

Memorial of All Nations and Era.

The future comes with consequences and different perspectives, with promises that world will not end, while the truth is, it will end, with or without human species.
Our memorial experiments on the fragility of the future. How the future will definitely end without involvement of every country in the world, It brings signs of hope by suggesting contribution and co-creation of each countries and cities around the world.
Diversity of its visitors won’t be a problem anymore because the memorial will be the one which travels and visits every countries and cities throughout the world, making it without context and origins.
Simple geometry is expressing neutral ground and identity. The memorial will be apolitical, free of agenda but reflects the image of civilization while it travels between countries and cities.
Being free of information and anti gravity, the memorial will be made as module. Each city it visit will contibute one wall consist of: one side of the wall covered by material identic with the city whether it’s travertine, bricks, glass, or block of stones, and the other side covered with mirror. This collection of walls will be floating on the sky, visiting cities and land at every cities so people would be able to experience the memorial as it evolves and change throughout the year and century.





The Truth

As Nietzsche Said: “the will to ignorance, to the uncertain, to the untrue is a refinement to rising of knowledge.”

While the memorial seems to be free of agenda, free of meaning and identity, as a blank canvas, its purpose is not to define the future but to collect memories and carry it to the uncertain future.
Its modular form is a sign that this memorial as a machine will never stop building and evolving as the future constantly change.
In the end, our future could only be realized through involvement and co-creation of every nations.